Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Excited About the Evaluation

I am excited about the evaluation, review, and proposed changes to the SBC from the GCR. It is refreshing to know that our purpose for cooperation, namely the Great Commission, is causing us to take an honest evaluation of where we are and how we can improve our networks for a greater global impact. The future seems to be brighter and worthy of more involvement. I am hopeful this review will continue to display our motives and heart as Southern Baptists. Moreover, I am hopeful that Southern Baptist will continue to return the emphasis to the local church. Although the review and proposals will not be welcomed by all, the work is worth the sweat and pain. There is too much at stake and many that can be reached by a refreshed vision in our denomination. To that end, may we all labor and pray and vote. I am looking forward to a celebration at the annual convention in June.

One hope is that as the GCR evaluates giving plans and agency productivity, they will also remember the majority of SB churches that are small and currently exist in areas that need greater support in reaching their communities.

May God bless our work together.

Pastor Jamie Woodyard
Kingston Ave Baptist Church
Anderson, IN

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