Sunday, March 7, 2010

GCR: Same Rhetoric

“I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger; then it hit me!”
The GCR report has the same rhetoric as the 1996-1997 reorganization report I remember. It is filled with admonitions for the things Bible-believing Baptists cannot argue; it is sprinkled with insinuations that if the institution were fixed, all would be right. The original intent of the GCR was to put us back on target for evangelism and baptisms. The GCR interim report started where it might have ended – Joel 2:12-17. Had the report stopped with calling the SBC to repentance, might not all the “functional fixes” become a response to a renewed heart in Southern Baptists? Where are the tools apart from reorganizations? Ted Knapp of California suggested the AIM missionaries watch Andy Stanley’s message on Systems; I suggest everyone get Andy Stanley’s DVD from,-Andy-Stanley.html. It applies to this context!

Bob Ryan, DMin
Mile High Baptist Team Leader
Arvada, CO

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Larry Richmond said...

Ted Knapp and Bob Ryan are exactly correct. The system is broken. I am trying to tell that to staff in my state. If the wagon is broken, even a team of horses is not going to make it work. A DOM friend of mine made this statement: Even the best sailor in the world could not have saved the Titanic.

Most people, including pastors, maybe especially pastors, do not understand the extreme importance of systems. If you know what God wants, you can use your leadership skills to develop a system that will help achieve God's intended results. The right system will deliver what you want. If you are not getting what you want, you need to develop a different system.

Hooking up more horses to a broken wagon, getting a bigger whip, or even a different driver doesn't make much difference.