Monday, March 1, 2010

Opinions on GCRTF Report (Great Commission Resurgance Task Force)

What do you think about the role of associations in the Great Commission Task Force Update Report? What does the future hold for associations as you see it?

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Anonymous said...

As I watch the news from Washington, DC, I am amazed at the little details they will not tell you. "Trust me" is catch phrase they use. We have and look where we are today. The problem that I have is with the people who have not given much detail but simply say "trust me."
I totally disagree with the proposed dismantling of NAMB. We still need NAMB and the IMB to be separate. They have totally different functions. Look at what happened when the great reorganization happened a few years ago. NAMB has gone down ever since.
Also, from the BP article I read the SBC churches were castigated for not giving to the CP. Yet, I have not seen stats that showed the giving percentages for the churches who are represented on the committee. Most of the churches represented are very large and basically do their own thing when it comes to missions, while their CP giving suffers. This has become a concern to many of us in the last few years when it came to electing SBC presidents. I am also concerned about what they are suggesting we do with CP gifts. If we continue to dissect the CP and redirecting finances, then other areas will suffer.
Tweaking is one thing and it is fine, but completely overhauling the system seems a little bit suspicious to me.

Huey Hood, Jr.