Monday, March 1, 2010

GCRTF and Increased Giving To The Cooperative Program

It seems that the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force did not address the simple solution to the challenges we face as Southern Baptists - Increased Giving To The Cooperative Program! Twenty years ago Southern Baptist averaged 10.2% to the Cooperative Program. Today it is 6.6%. I do not believe that we would be in this situation if we had remained bold in sacrificial giving to mission causes through the Cooperative Program. What a blessing the additional monies would have been to the IMB, NAMB, Seminaries, and other agencies and entities.

It concerns me that we ask people to answer the call to the mission field and then have to tell them we do not have the money to send them. This is a sad day for Southern Baptists.

Our heritage as Southern Baptists has been one of Equal Sacrifice and Not Equal Gifts.

I pray that we never forget our heritage or our Kingdom practice of being a mission sending Kingdom denomination.

May each of our Southern Baptist Churches be bold in heart and soul in increased giving to the Cooperative Program so that all may hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Barry F. Cosper, Associational Missionary
Tallapoosa Baptist Association
Alexander City, AL

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