Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Reactions to the Great Commission Resurgence Report

Most people in Southern Baptist life would like to see us become more effective in evangelism. Most are not so selfish or such turf guarders that if you showed them how lost people could really be brought to the Lord - in our communities, in our nation, in the world - that we wouldn't grit our teeth and step up to the plate to get it done. Sometimes, we get a little lazy, sometimes we mistakenly use the wrong approaches, and sometimes, we just don't know what to do. But most of us want to populate heaven and depopulate hell. Just tell us how. Here are my reactions to what we have so far and a few thoughts about what we ought to deal with that hasn't yet been addressed.

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  • The R in GCR stands for Resurgence, not Reorganization.
  • Task Force Chooses Not to Recommend Merging Mission Boards
  • Even Though We Do Not Need to Merge the Mission Boards, We Could Learn to Do a Better Job of Co-Laboring
  • Cooperative Agreements
  • NAMB should be asked to more fully fund the church planters they appoint.
  • There should be a major effort to plant African-American Southern Baptist churches everywhere in the USA. Same people groups; different location.
Some More Ideas to Consider
  • Provide More Quality Evangelistic Resources Made for the Full Range of the Diverse People We are Trying to Reach
  • Something We Need to Do: Establish Some Standards or Benchmarks
  • Establish a Standard for a Great Commission Association
  • Establish a Standard for Great Commission Colleges and Universities
  • The GCR task force should recommend we change the name from Southern Baptist Convention to something more universal.
Derek Gentle, Pastor
Tallassee Baptist Church
Tallassee, AL

2008 Moderator and current Pastor's Conference President
Elmore Baptist Association, AL

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